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The Contents Are recorded in 1969 at Golden Voice.

The Contents Are was a band from the Illinois / Iowa border. They were based in the Quad Cities.  They recorded an album in 1969 at Golden Voice which was never released. It is now available on LP / CD and digital via Alona’s Dream Records. Four Each Other – 1969 by The Contents Are

Some great Golden Voice music back on vinyl!

Some new releases of old music coming from a collaboration between Alona’s Dream Records and Golden Voice! Out now is Pekin, IL group Abaddon.  Their sole 45, released in 1969 is now available as a nicely packaged reissue. Coming soon is Remedy.  Their unique brand of funky hard rock is finally seeing release after 40 […]

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The Beggars Opera Co. Farmington, IL.

 The Beggars Opera Company recorded a 45 at Golden Voice around early June in 1968.  The band consisted of Dave Diefendorf of Farmington on guitar & vocals, Marc Cook of Canton on bass, Arlan “Tucker” Van Petten of Trivoli on drums, Tom Hefley of Farmington on organ, and Danny Bollinger on vocals.  The night before the group recorded at […]

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Golden Voice Unknowns: The Back Pages, 3’s A Crowd & Crissettes.

Here are three Golden Voice 45s which we don’t know much about. Did you record one of these?  Contact us HERE or on  FACEBOOK here, we would like to hear from you. First up is an early garage rock record from The Back Pages. This record is belived to have been made around the same time […]

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The Wombats, Metamora, IL.

The Wombats, Metamora, IL. In 1966, a 4-piece band called The Wombats became the first group to record at the then not quite finished Golden Voice Studio in South Pekin, Illinois.  The group would serve as the test subjects for Jerry Milam in his quest to fine tune his soon to be recording studio. The […]

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Mourning ‘Ours, Pekin, IL.

Mourning ‘Ours Mourning ‘Ours was a Pekin, IL based group which released one 7” Mourning ‘Ours – Shake / Maria – Golden Voice   GV-45-513 via Golden Voice in 1968. The group played many of the hits of the day and made lots of appearances at high schools for proms and dances. Gary Quade starts off the […]

American Tea Company, Marshfield, WI.

American Tea Company American Tea Company formed in 1967 from high school friends, Marshfield, WI. At the time of their formation the members were all between seventeen and nineteen years old. Members were: Ken Rogers (guitar), Gary TeStrake (lead vocals), Jim Schuh (drums), Mark T. Nelson (keyboards), and Tim Haley (bass).    They played heavy psychedelic […]

The Sect, Walnut, IL.

The Sect The Sect were a teen band from Walnut, IL.  They formed around 1964 or 1965 in the wake of the British Invasion and lasted for a few years playing shows at sock hops, 4H centers, high school gyms, teen centers, and anywhere else they could get a show.  The band recorded at Golden […]

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