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The Contents Are recorded in 1969 at Golden Voice.

The Contents Are was a band from the Illinois / Iowa border. They were based in the Quad Cities.  They recorded an album in 1969 at Golden Voice which was never released. It is now available on LP / CD and digital via Alona’s Dream Records. Four Each Other – 1969 by The Contents Are

Some great Golden Voice music back on vinyl!

Some new releases of old music coming from a collaboration between Alona’s Dream Records and Golden Voice! Out now is Pekin, IL group Abaddon.  Their sole 45, released in 1969 is now available as a nicely packaged reissue. Coming soon is Remedy.  Their unique brand of funky hard rock is finally seeing release after 40 […]

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The Beggars Opera Co. Farmington, IL.

 The Beggars Opera Company recorded a 45 at Golden Voice around early June in 1968.  The band consisted of Dave Diefendorf of Farmington on guitar & vocals, Marc Cook of Canton on bass, Arlan “Tucker” Van Petten of Trivoli on drums, Tom Hefley of Farmington on organ, and Danny Bollinger on vocals.  The night before the group recorded at […]

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Souled Out, Peoria, IL

Souled Out, Peoria, IL Touring in a remodeled hearse, Peoria, Illinois-based Souled Out was another one of Golden Voice’s clients, a rocky band with a bluesy name that played all over central Illinois. It was headed by Jerry Allen, whose first band was Canton, Illinois-based Blue Gray, which played a mixed bag of blues and […]

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The Alliance, Peoria, IL

The Alliance, Peoria, IL The Alliance started in 1968 when Chicago transplant Barry Brenner enrolled in Bradley University in Peoria. Barry grew up on the south side of Chicago and had been playing acoustic guitar since a young age. By the time he was in high school he had a working rock ’n roll band […]

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The Wombats, Metamora, IL.

The Wombats, Metamora, IL. In 1966, a 4-piece band called The Wombats became the first group to record at the then not quite finished Golden Voice Studio in South Pekin, Illinois.  The group would serve as the test subjects for Jerry Milam in his quest to fine tune his soon to be recording studio. The […]

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Inner Sanctum, Virden, IL.

Inner Sanctum Inner Sanctum was a teen rock band from Virden, a small southern Illinois coal mining town with a fraught history.  For the members of the group learning to play music was an escape from their modest backgrounds and small town boredom of the time.  Two brothers were the core of the group, a rhythm […]

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Camaro Brigade, Petersburg, IL.

Camaro Brigade, Petersburg, IL The Camaro Brigade originally started life as a group called The Wild Ones in the the summer of 1966 in the small city of Petersburg, IL. They were a group of high school friends who decided to start a band even though they didn’t play any instruments.  They were, however, willing […]

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Blue Ice, Genoa, IL

Blue Ice was a  northern Illinois hard rock band.  They came together in Genoa, IL in 1968 and played through 1974.  They were part of the Rockford scene but their popularity grew beyond their hometown and they would go on to play in all of Illinois, Eastern Iowa and Southern Wisconsin.  Blue Ice was represented […]

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Wheezer Lockinger, Belvidere, IL.

Wheezer Lockinger Wheezer Lockinger came out of the thriving Rockford rock and roll scene of the late 60’s.  Getting their start in 1968, the group consisted of: David “Colonel” Leis (guitar), Roger Wylie (drums / vocals), Steve Ungs (bass), and Thomas G. Leary (keyboards / vocals).  Thomas first met Dave at the Redwood Rumpus Room in Belvidere, […]

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