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Gidians Bible – Normal, IL – 1969 – OUT NOW

Normal, Illinois’ Gidians Bible recorded at Golden Voice in 1969. They cut a total of five original songs which are now available on 10″ vinyl / Compact Disc or download + streaming here: 1969: The Golden Voice Recordings by GIDIANS BIBLE

The Contents Are recorded in 1969 at Golden Voice.

The Contents Are was a band from the Illinois / Iowa border. They were based in the Quad Cities.  They recorded an album in 1969 at Golden Voice which was never released. It is now available on LP / CD and digital via Alona’s Dream Records. Four Each Other – 1969 by The Contents Are

Remedy – The Golden Voice Sessions 1970 – 1975

From 1970 to 1975 Remedy was one of the top live rock bands in Illinois. Their recorded legacy, which was recorded at Golden Voice, has remained largely unheard until now. Recently an album was created from the restored four-track masters which were originally recorded with Jerry Milam engineering.  This album has been released via a […]

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Some great Golden Voice music back on vinyl!

Some new releases of old music coming from a collaboration between Alona’s Dream Records and Golden Voice! Out now is Pekin, IL group Abaddon.  Their sole 45, released in 1969 is now available as a nicely packaged reissue. Coming soon is Remedy.  Their unique brand of funky hard rock is finally seeing release after 40 […]

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Smokehouse demos.

Smokehouse was a mid-seventies hard rock re-incarnation of the psychedelic heavy-blues band Ilmo Smokehouse.  By 1975 this line up featured former Ilmo Smokehouse players: Craig Moore (of the mythical GONN)  on bass & vocals, Dennis Tieken on drums and newcomer Micki Free on guitar. The group was managed by rock n’ roll legend Freddie Tieken (More info on Freddie and Ilmo Smokehouse […]

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