Camaro Brigade, Petersburg, IL.

Camaro Brigade, Petersburg, IL

Camaros Title C

The Camaro Brigade originally started life as a group called The Wild Ones in the the summer of 1966 in the small city of Petersburg, IL. They were a group of high school friends who decided to start a band even though they didn’t play any instruments.  They were, however, willing to learn and through trial and error fleshed out a group.  During the first year they were together the group went through a few line-up changes and eventually played their first dance.  In their own words “The equipment wasn’t so hot and the sound wasn’t either”. At this point, according to the band’s bio (which they wrote themselves in 1969) “No wage was earned for a long time”.  Undaunted they kept on playing with some more line up changes until later in 1967 when they started getting better and getting some serious paying gigs.  The group would then change their name to The Camaros in 1968.  

As The Camaros they would venture to ROFRAN Studios in Urbana, IL to cut their first record: The Camaros – I Need You No More / Just For The Love Of A Man – CUSTOM.                

Cameros' first recording 1968.

Cameros’ first recording 1968.

In 1969 the group would change their name again, this time to The Camaro Brigade, just prior to setting out for South Pekin to record their next single: The Camaro Brigade – Cynthia / On The Day You Said Goodbye.

Camaro Brigade

Camaro Brigade


They would record at Golden Voice on March 21, 1970 (it was an 8 track studio by then). Jerry Milam was the engineer for the session. Members at this time were: John Vogt (organ, vocals), Randy Ortman (rhythm guitar), Jeff Martin (guitar), Peter Neff (bass) and John Piper (drums) with Miff Vogt on background vocals.   The record was pressed for the band by Golden Voice but doesn’t have the traditional Golden Voice logo.  

The band would cease to exist not long after their Golden Voice session, calling it quits in 1971 after 80 plus performances. Four members remained and they were departing to the service or college.  

Randy continued as a musician and his next group Uno, also recorded at Golden Voice later in the 1970’s.  However, no recordings were issued by this group which featured former one time Camaro drummer Mike Ed as well as Kenny Brashear. 

*NOTE: on the set-lists provided by the band that The Camaro Brigade did a cover version of perhaps the most known early Golden Voice related release “I Need Love” by The Third Booth!

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