Steve Gibson, Golden Voice and the Peoria Music scene in the late 1960’s.

Here is Nashville legend Steve Gibson (who cut his first record at Golden Voice) talking about his past in the Peoria, Il music scene of the late 1960’s.  In this talk he did with the Country Music Hall of Fame he has some great remarks and insights regarding his first recordings at Golden Voice Recording Co.   Click here for the full video.

00:20:10 Jerry Milam
00:23:30 Peoria Factory Town
00:25:40 Steve Gibson recording
00:26:30 Caterpillar Man

Nashville Cats: Steve Gibson, click through for video.

Here is Steve’s first recorded session at Golden Voice.  An instrumental b-side, it was an unassuming beginning to a massive recording career which would see him as one of the most in-demand session players in Nashville.

Young Steve Gibson c. 1965.

Young Steve Gibson c. 1965.

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