Emil “Farmer” Bill, Christmas In A Barn

Emil “Farmer” Bill

farmer bill

Farmer Bill was Appleton, Wisconsin native Mr. Emil Nicholas Bill – a former vaudeville performer and expert drummer -who joined WMBD on April 29, 1935 as Farm director. He was one of WMBD’s most beloved radio personalities who provided farm and market reports every morning and afternoon for more than 30 years. In addition to farm reporting, Farmer Bill also entertained on WMBD. He was the host of several farm-related shows such as “Town and Country”, “Farmer Bill’s Farm Time”, and a popular Sunday morning program titled “Farmer Bill’s Scrapbook” were he read poetry and played music. Bill remained as Farm Director of WMBD until his death at age 80 on June 28, 1971.

He recorded at Golden Voice in 1969.  His record is a folksy Christmas narrative recorded to promote his show on WMBD. 

christmas in a barn

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