The Beggars Opera Co. Farmington, IL.

 The Beggars Opera Company recorded a 45 at Golden Voice around early June in 1968.  The band consisted of Dave Diefendorf of Farmington on guitar & vocals, Marc Cook of Canton on bass, Arlan “Tucker” Van Petten of Trivoli on drums, Tom Hefley of Farmington on organ, and Danny Bollinger on vocals.  The night before the group recorded at Golden Voice, they played at their own high school graduation.  After the gig they slept in Dave Diefendorf’s car then went over to South Pekin the next morning to record. 

According to Tom Hefley: “The “B” side actually was pretty good but we wanted to push the “A” side pertaining to better living through modern chemistry.  After all, it was 1968.”  The band promoted the record themselves.  The release received a few plays on local AM radio stations and even made it all the way to the jukebox at the Farmington Tastee Freeze.

Hefley continues: “Our band was very fun to play in and it was a great time to be in a band.  Our biggest claim to fame is when our band played in Canton at a battle of the bands (which we lost) preceding The Doors” The concert was a battle of the bands before The Doors fabled appearance in Canton, IL.

Tom Hefley would go on to play with the group Souled Out who also recorded a record at Golden Voice. More info on them here. 

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