The Golden Voice Recording Co. Story Documentary

Coming March 2019:

The Golden Voice Recording Co. Story

A story of passion, creativity, do-it-yourself attitude and success in small town Illinois during the early years of  rock ’n roll!

Starting in the early 1960’s Jerry Milam built The Golden Voice Recording Company. His hands-on approach to studio building brought him lots of success as a recording engineering as well as in the world of  professional audio.  The studio he built, Golden Voice, also launched a number of notable musical and pro-audio careers.  This story documents in first person the history of the studio and the impact it had on music in America today.  Directed by Jerry Milam’s wife and longtime business partner, Mary Anne Milam, this film is an inside look  at how Golden Voice went from concept to reality as told by the cast of  characters who were there at the time. The story features original photography from the studio as well as a sound track featuring some of the many memorable songs laid down at Golden Voice  over the years. 

Watch both trailers here.

182 minutes • Color • 720p HD  • MP4

Produced and directed by Mary Anne Milam.

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